Stop Tim Nicholls' cuts

On 23 November Tim Nicholls announced two billion dollars worth of cuts to government services, including almost half a billion dollars in cuts to health. Just to pay for his election promises.

This would mean 17,800 job cuts. These cuts will be a disaster for Queensland.

But Tim Nicholls won’t tell Queensland before Saturday’s election where he will make a further 10 billion dollars in cuts to achieve his goal of a fiscal surplus.

This time Nicholls has again promised no forced redundancies, but he won't talk about what he wants to cut.

Four weeks ago Tim Nicholls released his budget principles. He wants to cut $10.8 billion but he won’t say how or where.

This means 17,800 jobs.

Yesterday Tim Nicholls announced $2.177 billion in cuts to services, including over $450 million in health to pay for his election commitments.

But Tim Nicholls still won’t release any details of the further $10.8 billion in cuts needed to achieve a ‘fiscal surplus’ by 2020/21.

Tim Nicholls’ cuts will be devastating to our services. Don’t let the LNP-One Nation alliance make these devastating cuts.

Put the LNP and One Nation last.